In business startups, a few stories transcend the ordinary and become as extraordinary as myths. This is the case with Toast, a company that has revolutionized the restaurant industry with its innovative use of technology. Toast is not just a business; it’s a game-changer. The journey of Toast began in a humble basement office in Burlington, Massachusetts, and culminated in its current state-of-the-art offices in Boston’s bustling Seaport district. The ascent of Toast is a testament to the fact that successful entrepreneurs need foresight, commitment, ruthlessness, and resilience.

The story of Toast began in 2012 when three friends, Aman Narang, Steve Fredette, and Jon Grimm, who had previously worked together at Endeca, decided to embark on a new venture. During one of their many dinners in Boston, they found themselves frustrated by the long wait for their check and wished they could pay with their smartphones. At that moment, the idea for Toast was born.

Armed with their vision and a deep understanding of the restaurant industry, the trio set out to create technology that would transform restaurant operations. In those early days, they lived and breathed restaurants, immersing themselves in the industry to build a platform that catered to restaurateurs’ unique needs.

One of the defining characteristics of Toast’s early days was its culture of scrappiness. Aman Narang recalls a pivotal meeting with a large hospitality group in Boston, where the team’s resourcefulness was tested. When the conversation turned to product support, the Toast team confidently pointed to their “24/7 Support” promise on their website. Little did the client know that the support number was a Google Voice number that rang on everyone’s phone in the company. When Aman’s phone started ringing in the middle of the meeting, he boldly held it up and reassured the client, “I told you we have 24/7 support.” That hospitality group remains a Toast customer to this day.

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Maintaining that scrappiness became integral to Toast’s culture as the company grew. Many Toast employees have extensive experience working in the restaurant industry, which fosters a deep understanding of their customers’ challenges and needs. Their work is tangible and meaningful, driven by a genuine desire to support their community.

Aman believes effective communication at all levels is critical to Toast’s continued success. By staying attuned to their customers’ needs and their teams’ insights, Toast has been able to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing industry. The respect and admiration Aman and his co-founders have for restaurateurs fuel their dedication to providing solutions that empower and support the restaurant community.

Looking back at the now-famous photo of Toast’s first office, with its boxes on the floor, scattered equipment, and worn brown sofa, it captures more than just a moment in time. It represents the resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment of founders willing to do whatever it takes to turn their dreams into a thriving reality.

As Toast settles into its new “Breadquarters” in Boston, the company is poised to write the next chapter of its legendary story. The new office reflects Toast’s growth and success with its modern architecture, collaborative spaces, and inviting amenities. Yet, at its core, it still embodies the same scrappiness and dedication that defined Toast from the beginning.